Rv sign for the in laws!

Carved this today while the in laws were in town! House warming gift for the new motorhome.


That is fantastic! The textured background came out really nice.

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(see’s title about RV sign)
“ohh! I’ve made one of those!”
(clicks link)
“F. I need to get better at this machine”
(goes to eat something for comfort)

:slight_smile: looks great!


That is one cool sign! Great work!

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I still can’t figure out how to paint those signs worth a damn.

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Thanks guys!, I painted the black then I took a sanding block to the surface to clean up any bleeding paint. I try to be sure to always cut my v carves a little deeper when I know I will be painting them.

my comfort is usually drank


Looks very nice. :slight_smile:

Looks great

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Im guessing its like your accent?