Sacrificial Board

I am going to use a sacrificial board to start cutting out some pieces. Do I need to add the thickness of the sacrificial board to the thickness of my work piece?

I am using 1/2" Baltic Birch my work piece and same type and thickness for my sac board. I am thinking no, however, just wanted to double check.

I usually cut a little deeper than the actual material. Usually 0.020 (0.5 mm or so), but it is up to you to experiment.

No you still just want to cut thru your work piece not the sacrificial board also.

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No, you dont even have to match the work piece thickness with the setup thickness (Easel)
As long as the thickness specified in easel is equal or greater than your maximum carve depth of design you are good.

You don’t need to do anything different apart from cut through the wood like normal. I always use sacrificial piece, easel doesn’t know I do.

Right on… Thanks everyone!!!

No. I use a 3/4 MDF sheet for my sacrificial board. It’s generally flat and stable and relatively cheap. By using 3/4, I can “screw” the workpiece into it if desired. Then,after I cut into it for awhile, I fill the cuts with wood filler and then sand off. I think Baltic would be a little more expensive than MDF as well.

Just make sure that when you cut out the pieces, they are either clamped, taped, glued, screwed, or have “tabs” to prevent them from flying around and, at the very least, damaging the piece.