Sacrificial protector board for Waste Board Layout in Easel

Has anybody laid out a protective Waste Board in Easel that matches the holes in the Original Waste Board Layout?
I have messed with trying to use the replicator to lay out an identical pattern,
using replicator seems to have it’s quirks, relating to the size of the circle and the spacing in between.
If anybody has a successful layout in Easel I sure would like to have it shared.
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Martin Gutzmer

I haven’t done this one yet from the project section so can’t speak to it, but it’s on my list to do. If somebody has a better suggestion, please share!

We publish the CAD files for the entire machine including the wasteboard. With the new DXF importer by @JelleVanRegen you might be able to import the file and make adjustments.


Someone did an excellent job of laying out a wasteboard in Easel, but I can’t find the original project.

Here’s a link for a copy of the project, I hope this works;

I think it’s missing a row or two of holes because they are beyond the usable work area, but I use this pattern in a piece of 1/4" or 1/2" MDF that I stick on top of the original with some medium tack spray adhesive. Works great!

Thank You!!

you have t "share " your project before we can open it.

Try this:

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I like to make the screw holes larger by several thousandths of an inch because the screws are passing through to the original wasteboard.

I use 4 screws that I cut the heads off of to get the 2 boards lined up. One in each corner, then I remove them.

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Hope this thread isn’t closed but I converted the PDF to DXF and when I attempted to import I got an error. Would you mind shedding knowledge on me for how to get the CAD files (PDF I downloaded) into a usable DXF please. I have very low knowledge about CAD but plan to start learning very soon.

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