Sad news for free stl files

Where’s the dislike button.

Now we need to all pool our downloads on a one drive site or something…

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You ripped of the site, that’s why they bankrupted.

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Been at it all morning, I’m up to 114 downloaded … slow going!

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Aside from 3D printing these what else have you guys used them for?

there was a whole series of 123 apps. they have all been shut down with plans for mesh mixer and fusion 360 to take over what they did so hopefully these files will be migrated over for them.

Primarily slice them and 3d carve.

I have 3d printed a few, for fun…

I am a client to Autodesk.
I have Maya complete. (This is why I do not have extra money for other things…)
They sent me a email regarding to 123d. Here is the email excerpt… March 25th is Closing on March 31st

We wanted to remind you about the changes coming to the 123D family of apps and help you prepare for them. Please make sure to take the following steps as soon as possible.

Here is the key information you need to plan for the closure:

Timing will be closing by March 31st. The community and associated 123D apps (Catch, Make and Design) have been removed from the various app stores and are no longer available for download. If you currently have any of the apps on your device you can continue to use them but they will no longer be supported by Autodesk.


Please download and save any content or models you have created or saved at It is important that you do this by March 31st. Review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to answer any questions you have about this transition.


We are here if you have any questions, so please visit our support forums if you need answers.

We hope you continue to create with Fusion 360 or Tinkercad!

At 1007 pages, they also need a “Download All” button…

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I have downloaded the first 300 or so. If we could get a few people to download them and put them all in a dropbox we could archive them for history. Any interest? There is way to much for one person to do which is what I thought i would do. Also, some of them dont download correctly the first time so you have to check them to make sure they are valid.

I’m in, I’ve got about 300 downloaded, will resume Monday. If someone created a site, ill upload my downloads…

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