Safari not seeing Controller

MacBook Safari browser does recognize controller (easel driver). I am able to connect and carve with both Chrome and Firefox (same MacBook). Controller is listed in the System Report → Hardware → USB section. I have searched for other interfering drivers (Wacom etc) but none exist. Not a huge deal as I have 2 other browsers to work with just annoying. I also experience carve stalling (or pause, not pausing via the UI) when running sequential carving in continuous session, as if Chrome or Firefox has lost connection. The process just stalls. I must close the browser, reset start point and start the carve again.

Sonoma 14.2.1
Easel driver 0.4.0 (latest and greatest)

Thanks for any suggestions.

I can only use Safari if I’m using the included USB cables and adapters, are you connecting that way? Or are you plugging directly into the tower and not the hmi?

Also, I use Amphetamine on my Mac anytime before I start a carve to prevent anything from powering off.

my setup is configured in a standard manner, USB cable (computer = USB 3.0 type-C, x-carve controller = USB 2.0 type-B). I have contacted Inventables who have stated that they “have seen a driver install loop issue with Safari” and they are “aware of the issue and working to fix it”. In the meantime there recommendation is to “use a different browser until the issue is resolved”. I also tested from a second Mac running an older version of Safari with no issues, so it seems to be a particular version of Safari.

macOS Sonoma version 14.2.1 - Safari version 17.2.1 (19617. - does NOT recognize X-Carve controller.

macOS Monterey version 12.6.5 - Safari version 16.4.1 (17615. - does recognize X-Carve controller.

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