Safety Height vs. Origin Safety Height

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I just watched the video from Inventables regarding Safety Height vs. Origin Safety Height. Does anyone know if the machine will use the origin safety height if the carve is cancelled?

Thanks, robert

Inventables support and the forum will soon see an increase in smashed Z-switches and plunges through the wasteboard.
Supporting too many machines is messy. Ideally, anyone with homing enabled should retract to an absolute position BELOW the Z limit rather than a relative position ABOVE some always-changing work zero.
If the machine has been homed, always starting and ending with (assuming G21, mm):
is better than all the cases where someone retracts 3" even though they only have 2.5" of room. Z position will be lost and cures will be deep.
Again, Easel is meant for all kinds of machines and everything is relative when you don’t have homing switches.


I totally agree due to the lack of understanding from users.

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Looking forward to more “this machine is garbage” threads. HAHA