Same old line question

easel issue again. so I imported this file into easel via the image trace function. this is a jpg created from a pen stroke in procreate on the iPad.

when easel puts it on the canvas it looks like this…this is with an 1/8th bit. you can see its not truly running down the path of the brush stroke. so this got me to wondering what the heck this thing is doing. the next picture is me changing the bit to 1/32 to see the true path of the bit. why is it taking a jpg brush stroke and creating a loop of cut out of a line of stroke?

does anyone on here draw freehand work on an iPad and then run that through easel without this weirdness? whats your workflow?

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You can change it to a pocket instead of on the path and I think you’ll get the results you want… you may need to use a vbit though …

However You’d need to change the image to a svg of centerline in order or get it exactly the way you want

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