Sanding advice

Looking for advice on how to best sand. I am using mdf and 1/4" plywood mostly. Cutting signs with a lot of tight corners. Bought a dremil but can’t find a good bit to get the tight spots well. Using sand paper which takes a long time. Just wondering if anyone has figured out how to sand quickly. Thanks!

these might help:

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wow - I like. Can see how that’s better than what I’m doing. thanks

For cleaning up my 2mm lightplywood parts I use sandpaper on a spunge grid 150, very fast and very smooth.

These work great (especially for vcarving). They are flexible and can get into the nooks and crannies.

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I’ve been using these Proxxon products to do all my detailing…

Pensander PS13 & MICROMOT AC Adapter NG 5/E

Delta Sander OZI/E

On the Pensander PS13, I make my own sanding pads in various sandpaper grades using Scotch double stick tape laid out on the back of a sheet of sandpaper and simply cut the shapes I need for each adapter. Works like a charm. I like the variable speed control with the NG 5/E power supply

Same for the Delta sander, I buy larger hook and loop pads in various grades and cut out several pads to size.

The Pensander PS13 & NG 5/E were purchased through Home Depot online. The Delta Sander was through


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thanks for all the great suggestions. I just figured out today if you slow the bit down and replace it with a new sharp one, it cuts much cleaner! duh-figuring this stuff out on the fly.