Sanding Mop

Has anybody tried one of these? How did it work? Thanks Steve

Not that one but this one:

It works well. That one looks similar and should work well.

I was just looking at things like this. How do you intend to drive it? Directly with a drill? I was looking at some flex shaft systems where one end connects to a drill and the other end has a chuck. I think I would find that easier to use. Anyone have an opinion on this?

I use my cordless drill.

does it mop up the dust?

@HarryC.Ragland I seen it an advertisement from Rockler included in a kit for clean up for their CNC they sell. Didn’t know if anyone actually tried it on a carved piece. Figured I could put it in either my Drill or Drill Press. The 4" one from Justin looks like a better option.

Yes, I see the Dremel flex shaft tool on Rockler’s website here

That system seems pricey.
Amazon has the ENKAY which looks more like what I have in mind.

For $25 I can afford to be disappointed if it even comes to that.