Santa Clause came to town

Anyone get anything cool from Santa? I got a Linear-Z axis, a Triquetta touch plate and some Amana vbits. The touch plate actually worked on the first try! Good thing I spent several hours pouring over the forum and getting some good info.

My daughter grumbled about how expensive the Amana bits were, lol. They keep feeding me with tools and in turn, I return the favor with cool stuff. I had a blast designing and cutting gifts this year. I’m not sure I bought a single gift other than pieces and parts to make things with. Now I have lots of orders from the extended family after they saw what I can do.

Thanks for sharing. I’m sure your gifts were appreciated. And, it sounds like you received the perfect gifts to promote your creativity. I enjoyed making things for my family as well. Didn’t receive anything new to enhance my X-Carve, but I did receive my Glowforge.

Get into politics, it happens all the time, lol.