Santa was very nice to me NEW TOYS



DSC02510DSC02509 Oopd forgot to put the toys in HAHA


I saw the Jet 16-32 for $995 at a local store I frequent and spend way too much money in on a regular basis…

The Big Tool Store my favorite, the Wifes nemesis. Of course I thing Inventables it on that list of hers now too.

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I’ve been dying for a drum sander. I got an instapot, sous vide cooker…no tools. I’m perfectly happy though because I like to eat…a lot! lol

DSC02513DSC02518DSC02517DSC02516DSC02515DSC02514 Fold up table and cabinets for Xcarve.


Very nice stow away design.

Still have doors to do on both cabinets. Oak for the upper and maple for the lower doors. I’m even going to make Xcarve cut them for me.

wow what a great job and yes you did put a lot of thought into that
would like to do the same when I get my x carve