Save Easel Projects

I imagine that each EASEL project a person creates requires a great deal of storage space on the Inventables servers.

What happens when a server crashes?
When can we expect to be charged for the kilobytes of server space we use for our projects?
I would like to be sure there is a way for me to store projects without concerns of loss.


Save the gcode from each project to your local drive. Not the perfect backup but there are some software packages that will read a gcode file and reverse it to something editable.


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Hi Gary and anyone else interested,

We are actually beta testing a feature in Easel right now that lets you download ZIP archives of your projects. The archives include SVGs of the 2D design, project settings, and notes for all workpieces in the project. It looks something like this when extracted on your computer:

We may be adding an option to include g-code in the export if users are interested in that. The SVG (or g-code) could be imported into another tool if you were ever interested in doing that. The SVG can also be imported back into Easel.

When we are ready to expand the testing group, I’ll reach out to some of the folks on this thread.



No, the main intention is to provide an archive in a non-Easel-specific format that could be used outside Easel.

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There are a number of different servers that comprise the Easel stack. They are all hosted by Amazon Web Services, and there is geographic redundancy at each level. The database tier that holds all Easel project data uses Amazon RDS in what’s known as a “Multi-AZ” configuration, meaning the data is continuously replicated to a standby instance in another geographic location. If the primary system fails, everything automatically rolls over to the standby instance and operation continues with minimal downtime (seconds or a couple minutes). In addition to this, all of the data is backed up nightly. If for some reason there was a problem with both the primary and secondary system at the same time–which has never happened–we could restore the data to a new RDS system in a new availability zone or region.

We don’t have any plans to do that.


Are there any plans for a local, downloadable version, of Easel ?

No, we have big things planned that will make the cloud so awesome you will never want local software.


Any hints ??

I would love to be on that.

Make me a beta tester too!

Only true IF you have decent Internet service. It seems it is assumed everyone does. Unfortunately, this in not the case for many people. I live in a rural area and my only option is a very slow DSL connection. Easel detailed preview is a nightmare. New exciting features are only so if you are able to actually use them.

I’m always up for Beta testing…

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Hi Ray,

I hear where you’re coming from. I grew up in a rural area. We had dial-up in my house while I lived there, and when I go back to visit, my mom still has slow cellular Internet at the house. I commute to work on the train every day, working on a hotspot connection on my phone, and I encounter many “dead zones” where I lose my connection completely. It’s frustrating when slow or unreliable connections keep you from getting your work done.

It turns out that most of the functions in Easel, including the detailed preview, have no dependency on the speed of your Internet connection. In fact, you could turn off your wifi or unplug your ethernet cable completely and the detailed preview would continue to work just fine. Now, this doesn’t mean you’re not having a problem–it just means that if you are, it’s not because of your Internet connection. Would you be open to starting a private message thread with me so that I can learn more about your problem with the detailed preview?


Thanks Jeff,

I feel better about investing in EASEL Pro. I like your products and EASEL is easy to use for my purposes. I work in IT and our constant effort is reducing the cost of storage space while protecting our servers from MALWARE and Virus attacks.


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