Save home position with Easel

Hi there.
Is there a way to save the home position within wasel.
So that i can do one job/cut,
and then load another svg and set easel to go to the previous home position to keet things accurate when i do the second job/cut
MVh Anders

Yes! There is a button during the walkthrough to use the last saved home position. After setting the home position (with the other button) on the first job, you can use this button on each successive run as long as you haven’t moved the machine manually or unplugged the machine.

@JanAndersEkroll did this help you?

Hi there,
I think so.

How “long” is that home position saved? If i log in and out of easel, do i then have to set a new home position.
The reason i need this is that i am trying to carve a intricate and big part with the OKO2, and when i put all the svg. in one go the machine seems to be “confused” and stops after a while.
So i want to run one svg. at a time.
And then i need to have the fixed home position.
Mvh Anders

The home position should last as long

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Should the machine physically move to the old home position when using this option? Mine does not. So, I’ve been nervous to click carve . I’ve been manually re-homing

Ditto, mine doesn’t move back to the previous position. I don’t quite understand why not…

It won’t move back to the previous home position before starting the carve. As long as you haven’t moved it with your hands, just jogged it with the machine controls in the Carve menu, Easel knows where it is.

So, say you set your home position, make a carve, it finishes, but you need to jog the machine to vacuum some sawdust before running the next stage of the carve. That’s fine.

You jog the machine to some arbitrary location that’s out of the way, but let’s say it’s X150, Y150, Z40. Easel knows where it is even if you don’t. It won’t display these coordinates but it keeps track under the hood.

Now, it’s time to start the next carve. If the start position of the toolpath is X200, Y90, Z-0.5, Easel knows to send the spindle to those coordinates exactly, based on the home position you originally set, NOT where the spindle currently is. So it would move X50, Y-60, Z-40.5 to get to the start point.

What if the power goes out?
why is coordinates not displayed?
Shouldn’t be that hard to code it in.
These can be from home so that if your power goes out or you accidentally bump the machine you can re-home it then jog to the location you left off.

I meant the starting point. :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for that catch.

Quick Question;

I am using suckit dust boot, so I have to insert it after setting the home position without it. In order to to that, I have to move the machine with the controls, to about the center of the piece, and raise the bit a lot. If I do so, after confirming the home position, and hit carve, it will start in the right position ? (Lower left, as set by me without the dust shoe).

I am afraid to try it before asking.

(Resumed steps that I want to do:

  1. Set home position moving the bit to lowe left
  2. Click [Confirm home position]
  3. Move the machine with the controls to about the center of the piece, and raise the bit a lot
  4. Hit Carve

— And I want it to start from the lower left reference point, indeed.


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I am curious myself as I have not tried this.
What I am interested in is the coordinates as well.
I will have to see if I can figure out a way to read these and set up a widget or hardware display to show the coordinates.

Its why I would like to see the coordinates. That way I can put it back exactly.

Although not very convenient for constant viewing, you can see things like machine and work position by going to the Machine Inspector, either through Machine -> Advanced or the keyboard shortcut, mac: Cmd + D and windows: Ctrl + D


Cool thanks.

Command + D
Does this work? I can’t get it to work on my Mac using Chrome.

Woops my bad, Cmd + Shift + D (or Ctrl)


Tried to do this this weekend.
while it works when your in a floating dialog.
What I am looking for is an on screen constant display where I can see what values X,Y,Z are when I jog the system when aligning and starting a job. Or when I change the bits I can put it back after zeroing.

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