Saving cut files to my laptop

I am getting alot of files in my xcarve folder. i have modified some so they arent the same as the original drawing. Is there a way i can save them to my laptop and upload them again when i need them?


I had a similar question this past weekend.

Try this, and see if it works for your needs:

  1. Project → Download Project (zip) - it saves a zip file to your computer containing a text file with some settings and an SVG file
    Screenshot 2023-12-08 at 08.12.09
  2. when you want to upload it again, Project → Import SVG - your tabs won’t be the same, but from what I can tell, the artwork is the same - I imported the art back in to the same file, and I’ve only done this once, but it looks like it would work.

I did have to adjust where the end-mill was cutting from “on the line” to either inside or outside the line.

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It saves a text file and a Chrome html document


You can save the Gcode as a text file to a laptop/external drive and open it in Notepad. I generate my gcode to a thumb drive as my x carve is not inside the house where there isn’t internet access.

Just a thought - You may have your computer set up to open SVG files in Chrome. I use a Mac. If you use a PC, you would have to define the program that opens SVG files as something else (Inkscape?) so that it opens correctly.