Saving machine inspector advanced settings between browsers

Hey so i see a few posts on this that say you can save it to a text file or whatever so maybe its not supported what i am trying to do.

Problem: When you enter into easel web program, go to Machine → Advanced → Machine Inspector. That screen is blank initially. Even when we put in parameters there on a laptop. When the user logs in from a different machine, they are back to being blank again. So it seems like these advanced settings are not saving to the cloud account.

Is this normal? or something i can fix. The teacher has a bunch of parameters, like a whole pageful, that he is having to put on every new login account. Students use the machines, but they all use the same cloud account, so the settings should persist. Why don’t they?

The other alternative is to create a shared login for the machine, but i hate creating those. So i would rather the settings stayed. There is a dropdown under “machine” with different machine types, such as X-carve and X-carve Pro. Can i add a custom profile to that dropdown with those aforementioned settings in there? Basically is there a way to persist these settings over different browsers.

let me know thanks. We have the pro version of the software which is free to educators (we are a a school)