Scale reduced by about a third

Hi everyone, I have a problem to solve, I recently owned a 1000x1000 x-carve and I’m doing the first engraving tests apart from the x and y axes which were reversed everything works wonderfully except that it engraves everything on a scale reduced by about a third Compared to the measurements I entered, does anyone have any idea how to resolve the error?

One reason you might be experiencing this is due to calibration. If it is consistently happening I would suggest looking up calibration in the search bar. Several really helpful videos will walk you through the process.

Thanks Michael, I’ll do some research and try to understand something

Problem solved, I had profiled the machine as updated instead of pre-November, the engraving is now in perfect scale, slightly smaller but I think it depends on the fact that I set the cutter as 3mm instead of 125", now I still have to check the calibration because it seems that the depths are excessive

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Hi everyone, I had incorrectly measured the thickness of the material, the depth of the incision is actually correct, I used the precise depth of the material and it cut without even marking the martyr plane

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