Scaling of the drill operation symbol

@Zach_Kaplan @JohnHayes Is is possible scale the drill symbol or can it be added? I have been using the feature extensively but run into all kinds of issues of it covering the parts.


Hi @JDM - Thanks for the feedback! I sent this over to the team. Currently it can’t be scaled but we can see why the current implementation is challenging.

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Thank you. I use .02 and .032 bits almost daily. I have been doing some work-arounds using workpieces but if this scaled to the size of the bit like cut paths, it would be awesome. Things get out of control fast.

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I have the same “challenge” here. I want to drill PCB holes and they are really tiny and really close together :slight_smile:
Would love if the guides would scale or if there would be an options to hide them.

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I am seeing the same issue. I want to use a #60 drill ( 0.40" ) for through hole Printed Circuit Board components. The drill icon is much too large and the center of the icon is greyed out which hides the target center. Further, the drill icon scales up as the user zooms in on the target center.

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