Scalloped seat base

Can anyone tell me where I can download the g code to carve a scalloped (bum shaped). For use in easel Pro
Thanks in anticipation

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A scalloped shape would need a 3d relief capabilites, that easel as a design software doesn’t really do… sure you can use the tool “super gradient generator” to obtain a bunch of steps that can sort of almost look 3dish, but its not a true 3d toolpath…
I think you need to use a 3d capable software like Fusion360, vcarvePRO or aspire, or Carveco in order to get the true 3d toolpaths…

You’d either need to design to your specs or find a 3d model that works… like this:

And then you do something like this using a larger bit since there isn’t really any detail on a seat…

But now you’ve got me wanting to make an exact tutorial on making the scalloped seat design from scratch :man_shrugging:

Thanks for your help. I will buy the stl file and give it a go

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