Scalloping/ have tried adjusting stepover

As the pictures show. I am having an inconsistency in what seems to be the X-Axis.
I have tried lowering my step over but it remained.
Any help is appreciated.


A round end mill will not create a flat bottom unless stepover is reduced to 10% or less

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Try a combination of a round nose for the edge and a straight bit for the bottom. I guess Easel has a two step program possibility ( I don’t use easel). If I were doing it, I’d make two programs, one does the rounded perimeter, and the other cleans it out with a straight bit. There are also bowl bits with rounded edges and a flat bottom.

I am using a similar bowl bit. it is flat on the bottom. what program do you use instead? I will look into two step process. Thank you.

Will do! Thank you

This is the bowl/tray bit I am using.

I’m using a combination of Rhino and CamBam for 2d work, and Rhino and Meshcam for 3d work. Any Cad program that can save a DXF file will work with CamBam, it just happens that Rhino was one of the popular 3D programs a decade ago when I started this stuff.

If you are using a bowl bit already then maybe it’s a matter of adjusting your stepover and adjusting the eccentric nuts a bit.

Based on the spec in the description you would need to use step over of less than 33% and then the bottom should be flat.

This video helped me when I was doing something similar

Where in the description would this be found? I don’t understand how you figured that out?

Description says 3/4 wide with 1/4 radius. That means that only 1/4 in the center is flat. That is 1/3 or 33.3333%
Any step over beyond that 33.333% will have the radius on other we’re edge of bit leaving the scallops you have shown.
Just some simple math.

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You need a stepover of .25" or less with that particular bit. The red line is the resultant cut. A stepover greater than .25 leaves a scallop.

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Thank you to everyone that has responded and answered. I have rebuilt the table it was on and made a single solid layer to help with leveling. I am going to go through everything tomorrow and check for square/ check tightness. Again, thanks all.

How did you post this link and get it to display? When i posted a page from amazon it just linked.

I just copied and pasted the website into the text.