Scalloping on my edge no matter what I try

I’d like to get a much better edge finish on my parts, does anyone have any suggestions? I seem to pretty consistently get scalloping along and I was really hoping for parts that required minimal to no sanding.

I’m cutting 3/4" hard maple. I’ve tried a few different 1/4" upcut and 1/4" downcut carbide bits, tested between 40 and 90ipm, .04" and .0625" depth of cut, with Dewalt 611 speeds between1 and 3.

I’ve leveled my wasteboard, z axis looks squared to the bed, and belts seem tight.

Any suggestions?

I would check for flex at the spindle. See how much movement it has. It looks like chatter, which I have never had with wood. THough my machine was just 500x500. Larger machines will have more flex.