Scanned designs converted to SVG?

Hello all, again…

After thinking about sources of designs and getting lots of help from this forum, I have another question. Does anyone know of a program (preferably cheap or free) that would allow me to convert a scanned image from a pdf/jpg or whatever to the required SVG for the x-carve? Thanks in advance, Dr. J Popa

There are several very useful websites for the purpose, Jeff. :slight_smile: Just do a quick search for “JPG to SVG converter”, and you’ll come across several. I’ve used many times with great results.

I do this quite often for work, and the best vector tracer is VectorMagic. I’ve tested it pretty thoroughly and generally out performs Adobe or Corel.

Dan, I’ve been playing with your suggested app and it works very well. But, I’m having one small problem. I am using a Mac running El Capitan and while it converts the files very nicely, once in a while, it will lose parts of the design. The second problem is once I insert it into Easel, I cannot move it around to place it properly on the work piece. Is there something I should be doing that I’m not? This also happens when running Chrome on the same computer. Thanks for the suggestion and the help… Jeff

Email me at I can help with this.