Screw Sculpture Project

I just created a new project here that describes how I did this. Feel free to take a look and comment.


Clever idea

Here’s some inspiration for future projects.

Those are painted. Neat though. 250 screws were enough for me.

You just have to paint them first. Lol. Great project

Yea I’ve thought about that but the max depth could only be the thickness of the board you’re working with. I may try one, thinking about a couple ideas like this.

Also it wouldn’t really be a halftone since all the dowels are of the same diameter. I don’t think depth is valid as a halftone treatment :slight_smile:

a permanent Pin Art? sounds like a fun idea.

Actually, thinking about this, it occurs to me that you can achieve pretty much the same thing by sticking, say, 2" dowels into holes that are all the same depth and then do a 3d carve on top of them. Probably much simpler too. Not sure how the results would stack up next to each other.

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Super clever ideas all around. Love that Superman crest.