Screw Terminal - Header Pins Alternative

Maybe it’s a little strange, but I’m incredibly excited for this small, but important upgrade! I just received my order of screw terminals from AliExpress. It’s been a long wait since no one in my city sells these and doesn’t seem to have them for a reasonable price.

Now I haven’t installed this yet, but I thought I’d throw this up here. I’M JUST SO EXCITED!! I’ve crushed a limit switch and stalled out my spindle all because I accidentally knocked the stock header connector off the grbl shield.

I’m going to suggest to @InventablesXcarve, @Zach_Kaplan and @BartDring that these screw terminals come standard with the X-Carve. This one small change, I think, is going to save a few people some grief in the future, I know it would have for me!

Once I get this installed I’ll post another picture. This has also been discussed HERE on the forum.


Those look nice @Rusty

Thanks! Now I just need to get into the shop and fire up the soldering iron!