Screw Thread for Carvey Clamp Screws

Hi, can I ask what the measurement/spec/type is of the screw thread for the clamp screws please? I’m looking to get some like the 70mm ones here and just wondering if there are any UK-based options that would fit the same thread rather than the time and cost of getting it imported.

It says M5 screw - is that the same as any M5 screw I’d find in a hardware store?

Many thanks.

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M5 x 0.8 which is the standard M5 screw


Fantastic, thank you. Is there any reason not to use the 70mm orange clamp screws for the smart clamp on the Carvey? The machine I have access to only has the 40mm, 45mm and 60mm screws, but I don’t know if it never had 70mm screws or if they’ve been lost.

So at the moment the machine can handle a maximum workpiece thickness of about 0.9 inches (because the clamp screw covers the height of the workpiece plus the height of the smart clamp plus enough thread into the base to hold it in place), but I think I’m right in saying that the Carvey could safely handle up to 1.2 inches workpiece thickness if I got hold of the longer clamp screws?

Just make sure you have enough Z clearance, and you should be ok. That said, I ditched the “smart” clamp right away. It wasn’t very smart and I got tired of the back and forth about it. It may have been an Early issue that was sorted out with an Easel update, but I was happy to have that thing out of my way.

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