ScrewDrive Upgrade Kit (New and updated Thread)

Your invoice paid to MXF will get you everything from Phantomm and Open Builds which is everything pictured above.

Many thanks

On the pictures I’ve often seen an aluminium extrusion right behind the makerslide (X-axis), is it required? It looks like it’s something that comes by default with the new version of the X-Carve, is it worth upgrading my machine with this?

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Yes. It adds some rear support and holds the cable carrier.

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Sorry for the confusion. About 99% of my customers have read the forum and are aware of how I do business, so I’m usually surprised when I get these questions. (I almost always ask: Did you read the forum?)

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Thanks, what about the v-wheels parts? (See this comment) , do I have the right list of parts?

I actually include the screws you will need, as 30mm is not really enough, 35 is what i include.
But yes thats sound about right.


Phantomm, I apologize. Patience is not one of my virtues. i work on it. I appreciate your effort to help out me and others.

No need for an apology, I was the one who made assumptions.


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I’m very interested in doing this to my X carve. Can you guys point me in the right direction on where to start? I have a 1000mm setup X carve.

PM the op and ask. :grin:

Out of stock again, will update when flush again.

Updated the website, should be back in stock by next week.

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Any tips for removing the pulleys off of the original motors. Don’t see any set screws

saw a youtube vid? maybe check the forum.

I just went to the auto repair store and bought a cheap 20 buck bearing puller. put the motor housing in a bench vice and used the puller.

This method worked for me.

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A pin punch and a clamp works too.
or cut pulley in half.