Scrippt Font for Laser

Hoping somebody can assist me.

My Girlfriend has asked me to produce script font on my laser cutter using the Ruida controller. However the fonts available in RDworks are very limited.

Can anyone assist me on how to do this?

I am assuming that I will have to use multiple softwares to produce what she is wanting.

So far the closest that I have been able to get was to save a file in autocad open it up in Vcarve Pro and then transfer it over into RDWorks. however when I do this the script is becomes very jagged and the curves go away. I have been fighting this for hours now with no success. any assistance will be appreciated.

I basically have access to all of the AutoCAD softwares and Vcarve Pro in addition to RDworks.


Any font installed on your system should be available to the software you have. If you install InkScape you can use its internal tools, then export an AI file to import into RDWorks and cut.

You could also try LightBurn - The trial is free for a month, and it has a cool feature for fonts that welds them while leaving them editable, which could make what you’re trying to do easier. It will directly run your Ruida controller or a GCode based controller.


I was just able to figure it out using PowerPoint and VCarve Pro.