Scuffing CF with a light cut

Folks I work with a lot of carbon fiber parts and a lot of them need to be glued. I am trying to find a way in Easel to do a really superficial cut (scuff) where parts that are going to be glued have the glaze broken with mill cut. So far every time I try to do this I get a cut that is equal to what appears to be 1/2 the diameter of the bit. I have even tried reducing that number with no luck. It seems like the minimum from Easel is always 1/2 the diameter of the bit. For reference I am using a 1/16 bit and it seems not matter how small I set the “depth per pass” or the pattern depth I always get .03125 cut.


Can you share a screenshot or something to show setup parameters for your design/CAM?


The triangular section needs to just be a scuff to break the glaze on the CF.

Click on Machine in the top menu and then advanced settings

change step over to desired percentage. default is 40%

Can you explain the setting so I may understand how to apply it in the future? In effect, I am trying to create a pocket that is so shallow it just grazes the glaze on the CF.

Okay when you say the diameter of the bit I thought you wanted to make a cut that was less than 40% the diameter of the bit. i.e. when it makes the next pass the bit crosses over the path of the last cut by (%). this would make a tighter swirl mark (scuff).

If you are wanting to make a depth cut less then you can only go as small as the steps on the motors allow. this would require you to change the steps on the controller and recalibrate to the new settings. I do not know what your current stepper setting are but I am sure that are some around here that would help change them to smaller increments if that is what you are wanting.