Scylla Card replica (from tv show Prison Break)

I made a replica of a Scylla card from season 4 of Prison Break. Instead of making it 100% screen accurate, I decided to make it look similar, and be functioning(as a USB drive). Due to the shape of the card, I also made a box to slide the card into that acts a reader for the card to connect to a computer.

I designed it in Adobe Illustrator and used the .svg in easel to cut it out.

This is a quck screen shot of the actual card from the show

This is both sides of my replica. It’s 2"x4" and it’s made of 3 layers of 1/8" aluminum. The middle layer has a circut board with a space i cut out in the middle to put the ‘guts’ of a USB flashdrive. Then I put a thin semi-transparent plastic material between the middle layer and the outer layers.

This is the reader for the card. It’s made of wooden sides and bottom painted, with an aluminum top.

Inside is a USB port positioned so the card slides right into it. The cable is run out the back and then can plug into any USB port on a computer.

The card slides right into the top and makes a sturdy connection with the USB port and it can be used as a regular flashdrive.


This is awesome! I love that show. If you don’t know, we now have a Prop Making sub category on Projects and this certainly qualifies. Well done.