Second outdoor cedar sign

Well here is my first cedar sign that I have made to sell (first one was a gift) I bought a piece of 2x6x16’ cedar deck board, I cut them into 28" pieces, then I ripped those into 1 1/2" strips, and edge glued the panels up. I wanted a 28"x18" panel but my planer isn’t that big so I glued them into two 9" panels, then planed them to the same thickness then glued the two halves together.

So I set it up and started carving and got about 20 min into the carve and the x-axis lost some steps and started carving in the wrong spot essentially ruining the piece. Turns out I had a loose belt. I had checked everything beforehand. Everything but the belts (facepalm)

Glued up another sign and made sure to check the machine over (all of it) also a great tip I got from you guys, was before I started carving the second piece I gave the face a coat of sanding sealer and let me tell you, what a difference. I also so a shallow outline of my letters before doing the roughing pass and I had barely any chip out.

I did the sign in a few different stages, so I was able to check the machine in between passes. Customer was happy and I was happy to finally finish this one, but I did learn a lot on this one which I will carry forward on my future projects.


I like it.

What font did you use and is that done with vcarving or just a pocket?

Very nice, it is a learning experience every day. Great job, love the panel idea ill have to eyeball some of that decking I found a solid 12" wide Oak plank is not ideal better to do a glue up.

The font was called lighthouse I believe, had to tweak the font a bit, and I just used end Mills, no v-bit, I really should get some bits though because I’ve seen some awesome v-bit carvings

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if you want to buy one, buy it once and best. it is a little pricey but one time solution.,0&keywords=RC-45711

India ink or paint for the pockets?
paint and sand surface?

The pockets were painted with exterior acrylic paint, then the surface was sanded and stained with exterior stain.