See you Space Cowboy

I decided to make some tap handles for my Keezer and lasered on images from one of my favorite adultswim anime’s. Each Tap Handle is 2" x 8" red oak, finished with boiled linseed oil (may coat it with some shellac later).

I used the Jtech 3.8w laser to for the engraving - these were just resized vectors with gcode generated in PicEngrave (no rastering or anything).

If you decide to make a tap handle the one piece of advice I can give is make sure to use a 9/16 drill bit and a drill press for the threaded insert hole - makes life much easier with any sort of hardwood.



Love the Cowboy bebop theme - excellent!

Looks cool! I know you are working with lasers. I’m wanting to create a black/white type imagine from a picture to carve out once I get my xcarve up and running. Will the program you used do that for carving purposes as well, or just laser?

I edited the images in GIMP, converted the image to GCode in PicEngrave, and then sent it to the XCarve using PicSender.

PicEngrave has settings that would generate gcode for spindle, however I’ve never used it for that. VCarve and Easel are my go to software choices for spindle path generation and settings.