Seeking help on setting up a carve

Hi everyone. Less than 2 week user of XCarve. I bought a file from Etsy and I’m having trouble setting it up. I find it easier to beg someone to set it up for me and let me carve it, but I’d love to link up with someone who can assist me in setting it up so I’ll actually learn and know what to do going forward. Not sure how we could coordinate, but at this point I’m open to trying anything. I’ve worked on this setup for 2 days off and on and would love someone to help me. If you can assist, I’d be forever grateful. Thanks. Below is the workpiece I’m trying to set up.

Not sure where you are located. If you are in north east North Carolina I’m happy to help.

What are you having trouble with? Have you made anything else yet?

My first cut was a test square and circle to check calibration. Have you tried that?

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