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Just starting out using Easel and it is not being very friendly. I am trying to make a design of a football. I want it to cut the outside of the design deeper to cut it fully out. I can’t seem to find a good way to select just the outside line of the football design to change the cut depth. Any help?

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Still editing. I’d like to make it so the inside of those letters has nothing in them too. Not sure how to do that without just going in and deleting the individual dots.

I have opened your project and have everything separated. You want the letters at zero and the football cut deeper?

I want the letters to just cut the outline and the inside to be left untouched. I want the outline of the football to cut all the way through so it’s just a football shaped piece of wood afterwords.

I have it done for you. If you look at the edit node section you will see two lines. That often happens when you import objects

It still looks the same on my end. Tried refreshing and everything. I don’t want those dots in the lettering.

oops not sharing correctly

Ok, try this. I think this is what you are looking for. Check out the last work piece.

You have to open mine. Yours is not changed

@ChrisFleeger. I did not change you bit selection. I just worked on the design. This might work well with two stage carving. Let me know if you need anything else

It looks good but the texture of the football is gone now. How do you do 2 stage carving?!? lol

To do two stage carving look up at the bit selection and you will see a “+” sign. Select that and you can add a second bit

Ok I get the two bit part but how do I keep the texture of the football without it going into the letters? Things would be so much easier if they just had an eraser tool.

The texture are a series of individual dots. Highlight and cut. In some cases highlight and move it outside of the letter

is this what you want it to look like?

I added the texture back into the football.

I appreciate it. Just realized I want the dots to be the other way. Like instead of carving the dots I want it to carve around the dots. So they protrude. Ugh.

That is how it is layed out. The white part has zero cut depth. The next lighter part are the dots (texture) is set at .1” depth. The next darker section is the background. It is set at .2” inch deep. The outline is completely black and will cut all the way through and tabs are included. Hopefully this will explain the carve. I think I would stay with 1/8” bit. Good luck with the carve. Any other questions, please ask. It is the last work piece that is set to carve.