Selling 500mm X-carve $650

I bought it after I had my 1000mm unit all built. It is a brand new 500mm unit that has a brand new first gen controller. I bought a new controller right before the controller came out so it has never been run and actually isn’t even completely wired up. I upgraded from nema 17 to nema 23 motors and also the new 1 piece x carriage. I will also throw in a couple extra motors, the assembly tool kit, extra belting, and a few carving bits. It comes with the original spindle mount, but it is a very easy transition to the dewalt mount available from Inventables. I currently live in central Iowa, but would be willing to ship at your expense. I am asking $650 but will listen to any offers.


very good morning my name is johan and I am interested in that cnc but I would like to know the driver you use and a few more photos to my number please 832-221-5921

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Do you have an email I can send to @JohanMotaFulgencio? If not, I will text you.

Hi. I would like to purchase this machine. I would like to make an offer, knowing that I will have to pay shippping costs, if this is still available.

I am very new to this forum. Since I don’t know how to email you directly, if you still have it, can you email

Thanks so much.

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