Selling 500mm X-Carve - Huntsville, Alabama

Hello everyone, after a good try, some learning and too much mess for my small space, I’ve decided to sell my 500mm X-Carve. It’s a fabulous machine, but isn’t turning out to be what I really need at this time. I had hoped to move to a bigger space and have more time to work with it to make the process smoother, but until I have both I don’t need a boat anchor taking up most of my workspace.

The machine is fully assembled, it has one hole in the waste board. I also have some extra bits and would be happy to throw in some extra boards to go under your future projects.

Comes with Dewalt 611 with original box/parts, ACME lead screw, NEMA 23 stepper motors, and limit switches. I live in the Huntsville, Alabama area and I would prefer not to have to ship. I am asking $1,300 for the whole set-up. Thanks!