Selling Assembled 1000mm X-Carve - SOLD

Selling my ‘Fully Loaded’ 1000mm X-Carve. Machine works great and is in use. Have routed a few items on it and happy with the results, just looking at a bigger machine. I’m asking $1000 for the X-Carve, including the Dewalt 611 Router, switching power strip, and lexan dust boot.
I can also sell the custom base cabinet I made for it and pictured for an additional $200.
Pickup in North NJ area only.

Details are as follows:

  • Fully Loaded X-Carve 1000mm, fully assembled and ready to route.
  • Installed options include ACME lead screw, Limit Switches, NEMA 23 motors
  • Dewalt 611 mount and Router
  • Router/Shopvac switching power strip wired into Arduino
  • Custom lexan dust boot/air diverter with magnetic skirt.

Laptop/Laptop Stand and ShopVac are NOT included.

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BUMP - Reduced! $1,000

Reduced $1000 or reduced to $1000. Free really sounds good but I don’t think that’s what you meant.


Would absolutely LOVE to pick this up. I am way out in Indiana so it would have to be shipped, which I do not mind paying for, would be very interested in the machine and the cabinet. I have some experience with freight and I don’t think it would be to terrible depending on the pickup location from you.

Updated the heading… thanks!

can you define “North NJ”?

Hi Ken… sent PM. I’m in Sussex

Have sent several additional PM’s replying to the one you sent. I can arrange for shipping with pickup at your location and no crating/packaging necessary other than locking the gantry in place and removing the router/securing any loose pieces.

Is this still for sale???

I’m interested,PayPal ready

Thank you all for the interest, but I’m not in the position to ship this (especially the base cabinet). Mainly because I don’t want anything damaged in shipping. I’m in Sussex NJ and prefer local pickup.
Thank you and Happy New Year.

Have you done the X-Axis stiffening mod to this X Carve?

No mods have been made to this machine.

HI- Is your machine still available? I am very close to you, and was planning on ordering a kit within the next few days…

If you could let me know.