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Selling lightly Used Xcarve 1000mmx1000mm - LA AREA California



X-Carve 1000mm Rail Kit


X-Carve 110V DeWalt 611 Spindle and Mount

X-Controller Kit

X-Carve NEMA 23 Kit

X-Carve 1000mm Waste Board Kit

X-Carve 1000mm Side Board Kit

X-Carve Drag Chain Kit

X-Carve Homing Switch Kit


Clamp Set for 3D Carving

Carving Bit Starter Set

High Speed Steel 2 Flute Upcut Spiral

¼" Bit Set for V-Carving


Hello, is this still available? Do you have any pictures? Please email me at I’m located just north of you in Ventura. Thanks

Yes once I get home I’ll take some photos and post them here

Is this still available? I’m in San Diego

Sorry for the delay, here are some photos of the unit

I would be willing to come pick it up tomorrow if it is still available

Is this still available? If so I have cash and can pick up Thurs/Fri or the weekend.

Thanks for the picture’s Alex! I see you have a lot of interest now. I’m still interested if available. Let me know. Thanks

Hi there, is this still available?

still available?

Have you sold it?