Semi auto rubber band gun

Awesome, this is one of the first things my son want me to make once we get up and running.

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where did you get the stp for the 1911 grip?

Precision, I love you man. I was just thinking about this. Now to the ppk

I’m working on a concept of this with my dad.

A machined grip will slide into a mostly stock rifle stock part.

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not illegal since its detachable :wink: read whole article. our version stays in place with pressure towards shoulder. no pins…

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what caliber? 308?

Wel I made one it turned out ok I did scale it down a bit.


Dammit… I wish I was american! I’ve dream’t my whole life being able to go to a range and shoot guns like that!

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gun topics are hot topics!!

I am enjoying the convo

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anyone ever make a automatic rubber band gun?


I know that Meisel wood specialties has a plan for a rubber band gatling gun…

I was in their showroom a few years back and got to play with the display model, it was a hoot!

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Im a relative newbie to CNC in general so forgive my ignorance. Im only using easel currently, is there a way to import this project into easel so I can shrink it down there? I tried importing g-code but it says there are invalid lines in the code any help would be appreciated.

That was too easy, I kinda feel stupid struggling so much when it worked that fast. Thanks for your help, love the design!

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I scaled the 12in drawings to 10in or by .83333333 lock aspect ratio and then (drawing size X .83333333) if that makes sense . I scaled the drawings in Vectric .

tahnks phil. Great work as always.


Fun project, thanks for sharing!

This still needs some sanding and finish.


I need to fiddle with it a bit more when I have a few minutes. It gets hung up and won’t slide on the side pieces sometimes. so yes it works but I think I can get it to work better :slight_smile:

Did you have any problems with this?

Oh I had to use the first files (dfx) I only have inkscape so converted dfx to svg.

They slide back and forth fine, but the bands get hung up on the outside sawtooth edges

“But lets not get into a debate here”
…debate in sues
Good times
The gun looks awesome, I’ll put it on my list of “some day”

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