Semi Build up log with pics, ideas, etc. Upgrades pics

I don’t usually end up being a heavy contributor, so for all the guys ( & ladies ) before me that posted up logs I usually like to leave a build up of what I’ve done to add to the conversation. Hopefully someone sees something I did and it helps them decide which avenue to take or help inspire a different mod/method of attacking this project.

As I go along and finish little projects I’ll update this thread with pictures to show my progress and what has helped or been a complete waste of time. Before I even received my X-Carve I wanted to attack the dust collection side of things. So this was a quick solution I came up with -> which I never ended up using because I now have a DWP611 spindle and believe I have a better method of mounting a dust boot similar to one posted here on the forum that mounts under the X carriage.

The power box and arduino will be mounted on the underside of the table either on a slide out tray or possible just screwed to the bottom of the deck with an additional fan to help keep things cool. I have some relays on the way to handle the auto-on for the spindle. As you can see one of the latest pieces I’ve added are the dust barriers for the rails which still need to be drilled and mounted to the Y rails.

On the list to do:

  • Finish up all electronics
  • Calibrate and get some test cuts going
  • Cut out some additional bracing for the Y to work area extrusions as a first project
  • Design and mount 3D printed a dust boot & mount vacuum to table with accessory hose for spot cleanups
  • Anchor machine to table
  • Add a slide out tray for laptop infront of X-Carve
  • Add material storage slots on side of table for precut stock
  • And eventually create a suspended box to cover the entire machine to contain dust & hopefully some noise since this is currently inside a back room near the living room.

Pictures of assembly:

First day!

  • Next I wanted to mount the DWP611 so I oriented it how I needed it to mount for the wiring to easily transition into the chain guard. The original cord wouldnt be long enough to extend to the underside of the table and also easily thread through the chain guard, so I snipped it up near the router and soldered it to the new extension cord I ran routed through the chain guard. With some heat shrink and a little sleeving you wouldn’t know the cable had been touched. I still want to add a clamp off the Z motor screw to hold the cable and prevent rubbing while it works.

  • I also get picky and didn’t like that long rubber protector so I cut it down a little with a razor to make it look less goofy.

  • Here you can see the notch I cut for the button access due to the placement of the router to avoid contact with the Z motor plate up top. I have about a 1/16" spacing between the back of the router and that plate right now. I could use longer bolts/spacers to push it out but I’ll wait to make the call on that until I have it running.

  • And here is the test fit for the work area dust walls. I’ll be bolting these to the Y carriage using post assembly nuts and joining the back wall with pop rivets. I’ll paint it black after the final test fit so it all looks nice. The front wall will be a piece of lexan I happen to have. This fit at exactly 4" height for me with just enough space for the X extrusions to move freely.


Looks great!

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I like the “dust barriers”. That’s definitely my next project.

Very, very nice! I’ve been mulling over the idea of something like your dust walls too, and it’s neat to see something actually set up and in place. I can usually snag leftover scraps of sheet aluminum from the shop at work, so I might be able to assemble something very similar for little cost. Thanks for sharing your pictures!

Yup that’s what I did too, grabbed some scrap and went to town on the cutter/bender. These are the dimensions I ended up using:

39 1/4 x 37 x 4
Deep wide height

3" Tabs ( Bent section at each end for Y. So overall length needed with bends was 45 1/4

I finally had some time this AM to get on task with some of the issues I want to try and resolve, mainly dust collection.

I designed this today and have it printing to start test fitting later tonight.

I’m finally getting some progress with this dust boot, I’m going to run it as is for a while to see what changes I want to make. The bracing will definitely need to be thickened a bit, by so far it’s what I had in mind. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


And here are the walls. Works great! I put some nylon spacers between the walls and Y axis rails. They bolt up using some extra post-assembly nut plates I purchased from Inventables. The rear wall is removable so I can drill/cut into it without having to disassemble the entire wall unit. I’ll need access to it once I get my vacuum plumbing sorted. And a piece of acrylic on the front to keep an eye on things.

Very happy, clean belts so far with some wood carves.

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I love the “walls.” I would definitely buy a kit from Inventables like this. I’m currently using pieces of cardboard and it’s not the most elegant of solutions.

Being super lazy I found that I could just use the 2.5 inch aluminum Shurtape (for HVAC) and apply it to the rails, it sticks fine and makes a very easy to apply dust shield. Plus it has the advantage of being thin enough so that if it gets in the way of the carriage nothing bad happens.

Great idea… a run to Lowes might be in order.

Use acid brushes. They have pressed aluminum tubing handles, which you could easily drill a hole through and mount. That’s my plan at least.