Send pic to back (Layers)

I am trying to put a picture in an area with another picture on top of it. For instance, I have the union of the flag with the 50 stars. I want to put a design in the middle of the union and have it block out the stars that are behind the design. On the edge of the design you would still be able to see part of the stars. When I select send to back or bring to front it doesn’t cover up the stars. Any ideas?

I’d need to see your project (if this is in Easel, go to File > Share > Shared with Link > Save, then paste the link in this thread).

Without seeing what’s going on, my guess is that Easel is treating each of the stars as a separate image, so you need to select each one of them and Send Backward to put them behind the thing you want in front, or select the image element that you want in front and Bring to Front so it’s in front of all the other elements in the project.

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You will need three elements/layers, the stars (bottom), a copy of the top image completely filled and set to zero (middle), then the image you want on top. Share the file should be an easy fix.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll share it in a couple hrs when I get back home.

Or you could put the picture in place and delete the unnecessary stars. Skip to scout symbol

try these one of these


YES! Thank you. How did you do that?

and also how do I cut the stars with the 60 degree and the patch in a 1/16th?

look at the last workspace’s

I used the Offsetter app to create the knockout for the stars, I just cleaned up your badge it was all set to outline. For it basically selected all the elements and set them to fill at .06 depth. Then I went back in and selected the areas that needed to be white (the areas that do not cut) and set the depth to zero. I then selected all the elements of the badge and combined them into one element. I tried both the 1/16 and the 1/8" bits for your roughing pass. looks like the 1/16" saves you a ton of time. Cutting it as you had it set up

If I was cutting this I would put the stars and the knockout for the badge on a separate work space, set my cut depth for the stars to .45 AND under custom setting I would slow down the process and set the depth of cut to .45 and cut the stars in one pass, to do that though you will need to purchase a 60 degree bit that is .5" in diameter. This is your fastest option and in my opinion the stars will look better

Both options are in this file, depending on what material you use and your 1/16" bit you might want to be more conservative on the settings under custom

Thanks a bunch. I’m still learning how to do all this stuff. Ill check out that app bc there are more designs that we want to use like the patch. So cut the stars and then when it is complete go back and cut the patch as a separate cut? Sorry for all the questions.

for the stars yes they in my opinion will look better cut cut deep to a point, if you need help just send me the file next time i can do screen shots didnt have time this time. Look for combing problem in the forum and my name June 4 there are shots shows how to do a monogram