Separate Toe Kick

Could there be an option for a separate toe kick on base cabinets? And have them maybe be a separate “cabinet” like the fillers? Then when you turn the toe kick off on the cabinet it would just lay on top of the separate toe kick. Also, to have the separate toe kick construction be a full 3/4" piece on the front with the sides butting into the backside of the front piece. That way the front has a full flat surface facing out instead of having the edge of the plywood showing on the front. Does that make sense?

Just a thought/idea.

Edit: In thinking about this I could probably accomplish this by drawing base cabinets with no toe kicks and then using the filler cabinet to draw my toe kick pieces so that they will nest with the other pieces. You won’t be able to see the toe kicks on the cabinets in the cabinet view but you’ll get your pieces in there without having to manually draw them.




Hey Jonathan!

Thank you for reaching out! I want to make sure I understand what you’re asking for here.

Here’s how a run of cabinets with toe kicks currently looks in Easel Cabinetmaker:

For a separate toe kick like you’ve described, would it be similar to this option:

Where the toe kick is a single continuous panel that rests in front of the carcass frame?

Or were you thinking something more like this:

Where the carcass side panels don’t have the toe-kick profile, perhaps in an application where you’re using separate legs or risers under the carcasses?

Or, is it more like this:

Where the toe kick is its own box that goes under the bank of cabinets?

Please let me know!


Hey Natalie,

It would be the last option, “Where the toe kick is its own box that goes under the bank of cabinets”.

Let me know if you need me to expand on this!

Thanks again!