September PicLaser/PicFRC Promotion

Free PicFRC License with the purchase of our PicLaser image to gcode program. PicFRC will expand the shades and enhance your 8bit laser diode engravings by adding a variable feedrate to the gcode.

When laser engraving 1bit B&W images/logos, it will increase the feedrate in white areas and slow to burn the Black areas for cutting down on the engraving time. Get the most out of your J-Tech laser attachment on your X-Carve.

Promotion ends at midnight September 30th.


Image editing, resizing and gcode generation done with PicLaser. Then a variable feedrate was added to the gcode afterwards with PicFRC.

This was engraved on Poplar with a 2W 445nm Laser Diode.

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To the author of PicLaser, PicEngrave Pro 5 & PicSender @JohnChamplain, I’M

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September Promotion



Ha, ha, ha ha. Thank you my friend. I think it’s the best BD card(?) I ever got in my 76 years, certainly the most unique. Much appreciated.


Another PicLaser + PicFRC with a 2W LD on Poplar example.


PicLaser generated gcode is not only for Grayscale photo engraving with a Laser Diode, it can be used for Black & White image/logo Laser engraving also. The included image editor has 11 different Dithering Algorithms to choose from to convert your color or grayscale images to 1bit B&W for ON/OFF Laser control.

Using PicFRC to add a Feed Rate Change to a Dithered image generated gcode will increase the feedrate in white areas and slow to burn the black areas to cut down on the engraving time.

Here is a B&W Line Art image Laser engraved on Brown Chip board.

Last day of our September PicLaser + PicFRC Promotion.

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