Sequence of upgrade recommendations


Been 4 months and now want to upgrade. Wondering what folks think is a good upgrade path. Here are my thoughts:

  1. Make the Z more rigid with the CNCFORNEWBIES Z Slider. I feel like the Z slider as is is the weakest part of the machine.

Another person recommended I get a 3 axis Triquetra before I do anything. I have a z-probe and haven’t run into any issues getting my bit where I want to start them from so am wondering what the Triquetra would really add?

I’m really wondering where to go from there. Seen lots of X and Y upgrades/stiffeners out there. Even seen the large spindle bolt to replace X and get rid of the belts… I guess I am looking for advice on the sequence so I can get the biggest bang for the buck on my upgrades.

I’m also thinking Inventibles should offer a better Z slider off the bat. In observation of it, it looks and feels like the weakest link.


I think you’re on the right track starting with the Z slider.

I’d follow that with Y-axis stiffening plates (and risers at the same time if you think you need more Z clearance).

As for the Triquetra, once you get the sequence down what it adds is the ability to zero on the X and Y axis at the same time you zero on the Z. If that’s not something that would help your particular work flow I wouldn’t bother with it.

As for getting rid of the belts. My personal opinion is that when you’re ready to do that you’re ready to move on to a different machine. Either a ready-made screw-drive or rack-and-pinion drive machine or one of your own design.

What Y-Axis stiffening plates do you recommend? I want to move into 3d carving in the next few weeks.


Honestly I just made my own from pieces of 3/8 iron bar stock from Lowes. Just checked the post I made on that upgrade, and I had to shave 1/4" off of the wasteboard sides so the new braces would fit inside the Y-axis rails. Pic of it in progress here.

As for ready-made options I’m sure there are plenty of options. I wouldn’t go with anything less than 1/8" thick myself.

Can you give me a link to the post as I would like to see more pics? Especially from the side and with the X axis installed


Here’s the post, but I’m not sure I got any side shots. :frowning_face:

Nice. Granite… steel and love the dust shields on the side.

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Those upgrades and the printed X-carriage covers were all great improvements.

When I got tired of the belt maintenance and the wheels I sold it and build a new one from scratch.

Define the printed x carriage cover. Thanks


Sorry, that was printed Y carriage cover.

Thingiverse has all kinds of cool add-ons. If you don’t have a source for 3D printing there’s a guy here locally that will print files from Thingiverse for a very good price and ship them.

I don’t and some of these add-ons are must haves. Do you have the contact info?

{Contact info shared with his permission}

If you need something from Thingiverse, just include a link to the Thing in your email and ask for a quote.

If you are getting into 3D carves, to me the triquetra touch plate is a must. You will be able to zero your bit exactly the same place every time. Imagine you did a job roughing out a project that took you awhile. You start the detailed cut and you are off a tad. You have firewood now. Or your 10 hours into a 11 hour job and your power goes out. You can zero the exact same spot as before.
With all that said, I would get the Z slider first.
This is my opinion only