Sequential hole drilling

Im setting up a plate into which I need to ‘drill’ some holes.
However they MUST ‘drilled’ in the sequence I tell the machine, and not what the machine wants to do.

I cant figure it out.

Ive attached an image of an engine turned plate. This effect only works well if the turning is sequential.

Thank you


eng tun

you could run multiple separate jobs, one line at a time, this would force them to run sequentially in the desired order.

It would take too long, Seth. Even a small plate would take for ever make :frowning:

Thinking about it. I may be able to import a pre written G code ?

You’re better off manually writing the gcode for that. I’ve done it generating the gcode programmatically. I think I used JavaScript…been a while.

Absolutely… That’s how I think you’d need to do it.

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Neil’s got this one, but I’m going to elaborate on the process just a bit…
I Easel, at the left side, the bottom 2 buttons are your import options, one Being Gcode, Open that up and look at the requirements for the Easel Post Processor (at the bottom of the gcode import popup) and make sure your gcode complys with Easel’s Rules… Ultimately using Carveco, Vectric, or Fusion360 would be able to generate the toolpaths in the order you need and have the ability to use the Easel Post Processors (carveco has it pre-installed) . . . .

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