Set up computer

when set up began i check my x y and z all worked fine went to do homing switches and found that 2 of them are bad had to wait for parts to come in they came in today now i cant get back to that area i need to lower my z to put new switch on not sure why i cant get back to beginning thanks

Thr machine setup part?
In eaeel select Machine>setup machine
Just select the appropriate machine from the list and you’ll be right back where you previously started.

there is just set up machine pro

i deleted started all over can move down z done now still limit switch not working ck resistance all ok removed plug from control ck resistance all wires wired as per directions still not stopping when checking limit travel stop at z not sure about x and y yet, but all the wiring is good to the controller any suggestions

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See if there is anything here that you need to do.

Homing switch software not working properly - X-Carve - Inventables Community Forum

Oh, that’s another common out-of-the-box issue…

You’ll need to lower that z limit switch just like 1/8" of else the z doesn’t push up enough before hitting its end stop as well…

You can go into machine inspector and send command $x to clear the alarm
Then send $h to home and watch the switches… z isn’t going to signal.because the z juuuuuust won’t push it hard enough before topping out from a physical stop

Yes after I sent out I loosen the z limit switch and readjusted by holding bown and tightening. All work fine so far will do my first cut today thanks for all your help

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