Set up issue

Hello, i recently set up my xcarve and got as far as the test run. I used a simple 3 letter word for ir to carve and there are 2 issues. First it isn’t carving at the depth i set and second it carves the first letter then continues to move like it’s carving the remaining letters but itb isn’t even touching the wood. Can anyone help?

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Hello Maria and welcome to the forum,

Did you measure your material?
When you but 1/4" MDF it may be .22"
Are you using the probe to set your Z axis?

Did you make sure the bit was tight inside the collet?
I’m thinking the bit may be slipping because its not tight.
Also make sure you have the router tight in the mount.
If you just got it set up you’re doing good :slightly_smiling_face:

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this video covers your issue and the fix. This is the most common issue with new Xcarve owners with this new z axis …

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