Setting up and reverting jtec and inventables hex

For the most part switching over to the laser was the easy part but when switching back seems to be when it all falls apart. when switching back to inventables hex file there seemed to be many complications with loss of connection to the xcarve adding up to many days of frustration. What I bring to the plate is my own personal ups and downs finding what worked for me. I found that there were too many versions of inventables hex to use and only one worked on my machine and when asking for help I would get directed to a different hex file and out of confusion and frustration I would try setting up with the wrong one by accident. Now with all the confusion out of the way switching between the 2 hex files is simple and flawless. But what worked for me may not work for you I am just sharing what worked for me. There are a lot of settings that can be adjusted to fine tune everything after all is up and running.
here are the hex files I use along with xloader

INVENTABLES HEX grbl0_9i_X_Carve_500mm_ACME (1).hex (80.3 KB)

JETCH HEX grbl.hex (79.1 KB)

XLOADER (678.3 KB)

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I’m trying to follow this tutorial, I managed to upload the JTech GRBL, connect with picsender, then upload the Inventables GRBL, but now picsender says it cannot connect to my Uno. Luckily, I was using my testing arduino

Try this inventables grbl 9j hex download.

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Okay, thanks, I got the switching working on my test arduino. Is there any way to pull/rip the Hex File from the Arduino, so I can preserve my Current Inventables one in the X-Carve and Preserve the JTech one with all the settings. It would eliminate having to upload the settings file after each time you switch the firmware and would have less steps that could be messed up.

You can’t extract the hex with the setting changes you made and there is no way around it.

You only need two backup grbl settings files saved in the PicSender GRBL menu. Name one Laser (J-Tech grbl) and name the other one Spindle (X-Carve grbl) so it’s clear which one is which. It just takes opening the correct grbl settings backup file and selecting Send. It makes it almost impossible to mess up.