Setting up Chilipeppr Auto-Leveling with X-Carve gShield

I’ve been using the following instructable:

It’s fairly straight forward; however, the Arduino shield they are using has dedicated Auto-Leveling pins. Any ideas on how to set this up for an X-Carve using gShield?

On the PCB Milling Project, John mentions this is plugged directly into the Arduino, but if it isn’t on particular pin(s) of the Arduino how does it let Chilipeppr know this signal is being received?

Also, do we need to upgrade the software of the gShield for auto-leveling to be allowed (do we just upgrade it according to the instructable)? Any help in this area would be appreciated.

Pin a5 on the gshield as I recall.

Pin A5 actually (A meaning analog) The other to ground

Awesome thanks! That works perfectly!

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A5 on the UNO?

It’s not stopping. Do I need to update my firmware?

One wire on the board I have going to GND… I added a header on that side… i added dupont ribbon to the analog since there isn’t any board to solder headers onto

Actually it seems my wire was bad :smiley: I tested with multimeter and it wasn’t working… fixed :smiley: