Setting up Z Zero on spoiler board

I have just been using Easle for a couple of months now and have always set my Z zero height to the top of my material that I am machining. While I do try to make sure all the material is the same thickness it does vary by a little causing some of the full through cuts to not go through all of the material.

I know other CNC software has a setting of where the Z zero measurement is referenced such as the spoiler board instead of the actual material being machined. To my understanding this would be very beneficial as then it doesn’t matter if the material is .1 mm in height difference it will always be cut through fully. Of course the safe Z height will need to be set as well.

Is it possible to do this in Easle?

Thank you for your comments.

Not in easel. But you can use vcarve pro which has the option to z off material or wasteboard. You would then export the gcode to easel for the carve or use another gcode sender.

Not quite. Easel is always set to generate gcode with Z-Zero at the top of your stock.
That said, you can set your wasteboard Z to -(stock Thickness). Let’s say your stock is programmed to be 19mm thick in Easel. You can jog to your wasteboard and set Z to -19mm.
Assuming mm mode…G10L20Z-19

I know this is an option, but it’s an option that is more of a workaround which can set others up for errors and potentially even injuries. Therefore I don’t advise workarounds.

If a person consistently uses a certain thickness of stock this option works, but someone who uses different stock regularly will have to remember to change this fairly hidden setting with each project.

The best advice is to put in a feature request to the Easel Support and use another product that offers the feature with out a workaround till that feature becomes available.

It’s the same as setting Z-zero on top of a 19mm stock. I don’t know that I’d call it a workaround or unsafe.
I’m open to hearing more though.

My point is sending someone to the command line to manually enter Gcode has many risks. The other route is modifying the setting for the z probe in machine settings which is not visible to the user with each carve, therefore easily missed as being a modified setting.

My other point/suggestion is not advising workarounds. But you are free to do as you please and I am free to point out the risks of doing so. I am not picking a fight, just assessing the risks of workarounds.

Easel has been setup with a workflow that has lots of built in risk mitigation to protect the users.

Isn’t that why it’s there?

I would not advise that…very different.

My opinion is that the more people understand their machines and how they work, the safer they’ll be. Easel can be used by those that don’t care about gcode or grbl or steps per mm, but it’s also open enough that one can almost do anything they want with their machine. There are inherent risks with using a CNC router, but without more information I won’t assume that anyone who owns one in incapable of handling basic information.

I didn’t take it that way at all. I understand your perspective.

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Guys, Thank you for your comments, insight and clarification. Now that I know why Easle doesn’t have that feature it makes sense from a safety perspective. I have a very specific use case for the feature, which I know is not required by the masses. It would be a nice option though.



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