Setting x and y zero

I’ve been using my xcarve for a couple years now. As I’ve gotten more pushy with it and advancing with all it can do I’ve noticed that when I zero a bigger bit, such as a 1/4 endmill, it does seem to be lining up square. For example, if I was to have a 12x12 piece of material and was to cut a border around it, it’s pushing more to the right leaveing more space uncut on the left. What’s the trick for zeroing bigger bits?

Your XY position on the workpiece is the location of the center of the endmill. An endmill should be centered on the corner of your workpiece. If you can’t get it by eye with the 1/4", use a v-bit to set your XY origin then switch back to your 1/4" for setting Z.
How are you setting zero?

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That was a work around I thought of trying. I’ve been eye balling it but even if I bump it more to the left a bit, it still wants to cut further to the right.

Have you fine-tuned your step/mm calibration for X&Y?

Also check out Phil Lunsfords video on how to square your machine Paw Paws workshop.