Setting Z at bit change question?

Anticipating a problem with Z hght at switch from roughing bit to finishing bit.
On a topo carve when installing the finishing bit, as long as the tip of the bit is exactly the same distance from the router base as the previous bit, I do not have to reset the Z hght, correct??

You should ALWAYS reprobe the Z when changing bits.

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And if the carve you are doing has no area that has not been machined, what then?

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Then zero off the wasteboard for both bits

@SamGironda , since I have yet to try zeroing off the wasteboard and am going to carve a pricey pc of maple, what i plan is to machine the workpiece to exactly 2 inches thick then probe my 1 2 3 block to set my tool Hght.
Will be able to double check it before I start milling to make certain am within tolerance. Thanks for your help, you made me think it through again.

IF using Easel, where it does not allow the user to select Wasteboard z zeroing; I suggest using a block equal to the height of the workpiece and z probe both bits off of that block.

@SethCNC Thanks Seth, so my 1 2 3 block idea would work fine.

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